Farmville 2 Ultimate Water Cheat

Farmville 2 Cheats Water hack

Farmville 2 Cheats Water hack facebook cash

Farmville 2 Ultimate Water Hack


  1. Go to Farmville 2
  2. Open Cheat Engine.
  3. Select -plugin_container.exe (firefox) or 2nd FlashPlayerPlugin_11.exe, if chrome you will need to select the correct chrome.exe process.
  4. Value type "4 bytes"
  5. Scan 1000000
  6. Click the 1st address, Hold Shift and then click the last address.
  7. Click on the red arrow.
  8. Change all the values to 0
  9. New scan 50000 
  10. Change all the values to 2000000
  11. Now buy the "Manor Harvestate" and put it in your farm.
  12. In cheat engine, change the value type to Text or String 
  13. New scan 'Coins'
  14. Change all the values to "water"
  15. Sell Manorhavestate.
  16. Wait for 2 minutes. 
  17. Reload the game. 
  18. Your coins will wipe our but you have Unlimited Water.
  19. Use the coins cheat to return your coins :D

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